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From time to time your garage door needs to be repaired, just like your car. But the better strategy is to keep it well maintained. Call our industry-certified Denver CO garage door repair professionals at Denver CO Garage Door for fast and industry-standard repairs and maintenance procedures. We service all garage doors regardless of the brand to fix all sorts of problems: broken doors with faulty openers, weakened motors and springs, noisy door systems, bent or worn tracks and rollers, damaged or crimped panels and sections or broken springs – just name it.

Don’t take chances with a bad garage door, as it can have serious implications on your safety and the safety of you family. And that is saying nothing about the security of your home! A bad garage door invites burglars. At Denver CO Garage Door your safety and the security of your property take first priority. Our team of certified technicians has had lots of safety and security-related work experience in garage door maintenance and repair in Denver CO and surrounding areas for many years.

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Garage Door Repair Denver Colorado

If your garage door has balance problems that are causing it to respond sluggishly, or not at all, it may be due for an adjustment on the springs. Or they have to be replaced. In this state it is obviously unsafe to operate. But maybe nothing is wrong and you simply want to replace your door and install a new one with a more attractive appeal. We are still the company to call.

Garage doors by nature need to be regularly maintained. How often they are maintained will normally depend on how often you use them. Some simple repairs are intuitive and you may be able to do the maintenance yourself, for instance cleaning the edge sensors or changing the batteries in the remote control, applying lubrication to the tracks. But be warned that some repairs are best left to a qualified garage door service professional as they can be dangerous. The National Safety Council puts all torsion spring repairs in this category.

Check your user manual for clarification which of these basic maintenance procedures you can competently do yourself and when in doubt seek expert advice. Denver CO Garage Door is available 24 hours a day, 7 days to offer that sort of advice – or take the problem off your hands.

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