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When you part with good money to have an automatic garage door installed at home, worry-free convenience at the end of a hard day at the office and early in the mornings as you leave for work is certainly part of the picture, right? Well, the garage door opener sub-system of the door plays a crucial role in this smooth operation. But unfortunately it is also the most prone to malfunction and failure. Plus, when it fails and you have to manipulate your garage door manually you expose yourself to potential injury, or worse.

Denver CO Garage Door understands the importance of opener systems and we have a highly trained team of industry-certified Denver CO garage door opener repair specialists to keep your openers in clockwork condition.

But are you using your garage door within its limits, or is it overburdened? The industry specifications for garage door openers are as given here: heavy-duty openers for doors that see on average ten or more cycles per day, standard-duty openers up to 8 cycles and low-duty openers 5 cycles and less. A cycle represents an instance of opening and then closing the door.

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Garage Door opener Repair Denver Colorado

 The motor that drives your garage door will be rated depending on the duty cycle. Unsafe operation and early failure can result from using a garage door beyond its call of duty, so to speak.

Some signs of approaching failure or breakdown are doors that make a lot of noise, humming motors, sluggish motion and intermittent operation. But for automatic doors a bad garage door remote control is sometimes a cause of worry when there is nothing wrong with the opener. Our experts at Denver CO Garage Door can easily determine the problem and fix garage door opener faults fast.

The good news here is that in case usage of your garage door has increased beyond its design specs you may only need to upgrade the opener, say by installing a more powerful motor and replacing the springs.

Call us at: 720-441-3619.  We guarantee fast response times and same-day service regarding any need you have for garage door opener repair Denver, CO.

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